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Danish Crown

The Danish Crown group is an international food producer with production and sales across the world. Danish Crown, the parent company, produces and markets pork and beef . Danish Crown´s subsidiaries produce and market processed food products and other products for food production.  23500 employees , 9500 members, 22.1 million pigs

Danish Crown is:

The world´s second largest  – and Europe´s largest –  pig slaughtering business

Europe´s largest meat processing companyDenmark´s largest cattle slaughterhouse businessOne of the two or three largest meat exporters in the world and the world’s largest exporter of pork.


The first Danish co-operative pig slaughterhouse was established in the town of Horsens in 1887.During the following 40 or 50 years a large number of pig slaughterhouses were established around the country.In 1960 the co-operative slaughterhouses began to merge in order to acquire more strength to handle functions such as sale, marketing, and product development.In 1998 Danish Crown and Vestjyske Slagterier merged. In 2002 Danish Crown and Steff-Houlberg merged, and a large proportion of the original co-operative pig slaughterhouses are included in the new Danish Crown.Today Danish Crown is a limited company but is owned by the cooperative society ‘Leverandørselskabet Danish Crown Amba’ which has an elected management consisting of cooperative members and employee representatives. 


Danish Crown is Denmark´s biggest slaughterer of cattle livestock. Danish Crown slaughters around 279,000 cattle annually in  Denmark, which is 60% of the total number of cattle slaughtered in Denmark. Around half of this meat is exported, while the other half is bought by Danish consumers. Danish Crown´s danish slaughterhouses process meat from 60,000 pigs every day. Weighing in at around  4,100 tons, this is enough to fill 184 lorries. Danish Crown exports DKK 3 billion worth of pork to Japan (the equivalent of 1 years of goods imported from Japan). Danish Crown is one of the two or three largest meat exporters in the world and the world’s largest exporter of pork.