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Rose Poultry

Rose Poultry’s expertise is the result of more than half a century of professional work, which began with the Pedersen and Løth families in the 1950s. The Pedersen family established Vinderup Fjerkræslagteri (Vinderup Poultry Abattoir) in 1952 and the Løth family started Skovsgaard Fjerkræslagteri (Skovsgaard Poultry Abattoir) in 1956. Whole frozen chickens, and only those, were on the programme in those days but both abattoirs did good business.After slightly less than 50 years of operating parallel to each other, they merged in 1999 into one company with the name, Rose Poultry. Two years later they acquired Padborg Fjerkræslagteri (Padborg Poultry Abattoir) by which Rose Poultry got even more wind beneath their wings.

The increased capacity created new and more opportunities and product development sped up in earnest. The previously so small product portfolio of frozen and ready-to-cook chickens has today developed into a broad range of chicken products.

Rose receives chickens from no less than 100 producers. Some of these producers are organic, but all of them are special – they are especially good at cooperating and especially ready to make way and try something new.Rose knows its producers and can always hand-pick the one that is best suited for the individual task. For example, in connection with the development work when a new type of chicken is being tried out. The corn-fed chicken which was introduced to the market in 2007 must, for instance, have special feed during growth whilst a customer in the Middle East will only have particularly small chickens. Both tasks require special feed, which can result in extra costs for the producer. Here, the agreement is always that Rose naturally pays all the extra costs if, on the other hand, the producer is willing to convert his production so it suits Rose’s needs.

A long time ago, Rose acknowledged that the path to food safety goes via prevention. We work hard on this and we always have. And since Denmark – and the whole world for that matter – was threatened by a far too high salmonella level some years ago, Rose responded immediately with stricter safety measures.

Great success
The results have not failed to appear. Rose Poultry has invested an immense amount of resources and financial means in prevention and today, we have record-low incidences of the unwanted bacteria. Danish chickens are some of the safest chicken products in the world and less than one percent of Danish salmonella incidences originate today from chicken. This is actually something of a performance and we are quite proud of it. But we also believe that chicken is such a healthy and popular Danish food product that nothing should be spared to defend it against external attacks.

Special status in the EU
On the basis of the success of combating salmonella, last year Denmark applied to the EU for special status for Danish table chicken producers and eggs. We have been given this special status so now we are allowed to place demands on the import of these products. This means that in the future, all chicken products must be tested and be found salmonella-free before they can be imported into Denmark. Our special status is expected to come into force at the end of 2009