Our heritage has been firmly rooted in New Zealand since 1948. A group of farmers in Southland took it upon themselves to form Alliance Freezing Company (Southland) Limited to process and market high-quality meat and co-products to international markets.

The first processing plant was opened in the heart of Southland’s farming community, Lorneville, near Invercargill in 1960, and in 1980 the company’s ownership structure changed to become a farmer-owned co-operative.

Our journey from a small Kiwi business to success on the global stage is down to our reputation for food excellence and starts with Kiwi farmers who uphold high animal welfare standards. But it doesn’t stop there. Alliance’s success starts on the farm but it’s an ongoing journey to identify opportunities across the entire co-operative to capture more market value so we can pay farmers more for their livestock. That’s why we continually invest in technology and have the highest levels of environmental sustainability.

The result is what you see today. Alliance is proud to be a leading food and solutions company and taps into multiple markets and sectors including retail, food service and manufacturing. We have been supplying New Zealand’s finest grass-fed lamb, beef and venison for more than 70 years; our food is enjoyed in more than 65 countries around the world, from the rich tapestry of the United Kingdom to the intriguing and ancient wonders of Asia.

Our strong international presence and continued success is the result of an innovative farmer-owned co-operative that never loses sight of its heritage while seeking possibilities to grow effectively. With more than 95 per cent of the co-operative’s products exported to international markets, Alliance has long established its place in the world. 

Ensuring our people go home safely every day is our number one priority. We are committed to lifting our health and safety performance to world-class standards, and that is a core part of our business strategy.