With utmost respect and profound “Admiración”, we fondly look back on the family legacy that Isidoro Blázquez and Teresa Martín began to forge in 1932, helped from an early age by their son Jacinto. For some, “the grandparents”, for the youngest, “the great-grandparents”, but for the entire Blázquez family, the genesis of a company that currently produces and distributes the finest ham and Iberian products all over the world.

At the heart of the province of Avila, in a small village named Crespos, is the origin of this fascinating story of a young couple who decided to take a risk and begin the production of hams made from Iberian pigs. In their favour were their perfectionism, their tenacious attention to detail, their commitment to quality and the guarantee of a product that could satisfy the most demanding palates.

Individual and corporate clients soon rewarded the couple’s perfectionist attention to detail coupled with tradition and an innovative spirit with gradually increasing orders. Blázquez hams began to be the object of desire in more and more parts of Spain.

Expansion of the company was steadfastly managed from a very early age by their son Jacinto, in charge of selecting the Iberian pigs from Extremadura, whose criterion is still the basis of the superlative genetic characteristics of our livestock.

His effort and vision not only laid the foundations of the vast structure of lands that connect the magnificent dehesa pastures where our pigs graze on acorns, but also of the national distribution network for our products.

His children followed in his footsteps fully aware that opening up new markets would require an investment plan, modernisation, a larger team, infrastructure and installations. A process that has allowed us to multiply our capacity, reach 47 countries and become one of the most recognised brands in hams, shoulders, cured and fresh Iberian pork.

Today, the fourth generation of the Blázquez family is beginning to join the company, walking down the same corridors of a family history they are proud of, and keen to take even further. Always maintaining the essence of what previous generations have handed down: devoting body and soul to the creation of “Admiración”.