MMP International is a packer of canned fish, primarily tuna fish from the three ounce to the catering size. We are also offering the same high quality in other seafood i.e. Mackerel, Shrimp, Crab, Baby clams and several value added products. The cannery employs nearly 1000 people and averages over 100 metric tons per one shift. This makes MMP a smaller factory compared to many others but also permits more efficiency, better quality control, service and customer response.

The physical building encompasses approximately 20,000 square meters with its own warehouse and container loading. Raw material is brought to the factory where it is weighed, offloaded and sorted by species and size. Quality checks of raw material are performed for wholesomeness as well as decomposition, histamine levels and salt content. Prior to thawing and butchering, quality control checks are again performed where unacceptable product is rejected before being loaded into racks for pre-cooking.

Immediately upon exiting the cook chamber, the racks are wheeling into the cooling area where cold water spray mists over the fish to aid in the rapid reduction of core temperatures. When the cooked fish has reached temperatures low enough for handling, these racks are wheeled into refrigerated cooling rooms where they are held prior to cleaning (skinning, de-boning and loining).

The fish are sent to cleaning tables where experienced workers and supervisory staff handle every fish for sensory evaluation. Questionable product is reinspected or rejected. The fish are then passed to the final cleaning step where the red meat is removed for processing into pet-food, while the loins are polished for canning for human consumption. Each lot of raw material continues to be identified that it can be traced back to its origin and lot number.

The loins are then packed into cans according to individual market or buyer requirements prior to retort sterilization. Finished goods are inspected by quality control prior to and after retort process. Quality control has a positive release control system that assures all released codes for labeling and shipping have met with H.A.C.C.P. requirements and that the registered process have been followed.

We ship both human and pet food products to many major markets all over the globe. We now have markets in North America for Canada and U.S.A.; in Europe for Germany, U.K., Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, and Denmark; as well as countries such as Japan (pet food), Australia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. We are continuously expanding our products to other major countries.