Gropper is a family business that has stood for visionary action and proximity to the customer since 1929. What began with a cheese dairy more than 90 years ago is now a successful midsize enterprise with more than 800 employees. Trends were identified early on and the company consistently proved itself sustainable with new ideas. Our gallery presents the most important milestones.

Our values

Rather than building bureaucratic hurdles, we foster flexibility within the framework of professional structures. Thus, we maintain the simple within the complex, count on the extensive expertise of our employees, and promote a feeling of community.

Our principles

Managing the brands of the retail sector with dedication as though they were our own is what we consider the key to our company’s success. This means focusing in particular on the needs of consumers in our deliberations. We value honest, open and respectful interactions, ensuring that each of our employees is able to make their individual contribution to our success. That is our credo! We develop creative and innovative ideas on this basis.